Young Women Responsibility Agreement

Printable 2021 YW Responsibility Agreement FOR EZ PRINTING CLICK HERE

This form can either be read and agreed to online (during online registration), or printed out, signed, and then given to your YW leader.


Roswell Georgia Stake

YW Camp June 8-11, 2021


I understand that I am responsible for my own conduct and am aware of and agree to abide by Church standards, camp or event safety rules, and other pertinent instructions. Participants’ conduct and interactions should abide by Church standards and exemplify Christlike behavior. Parents and participants should understand that participation in an activity is not a right but a privilege that can be revoked if they behave inappropriately or if they pose a risk to themselves or others.

I agree to abide by the expectations outlined below as well as any other rules deemed necessary to be implemented by the Stake Young Women Camp Committee during this 2021 Roswell Stake Young Women Camp:

  • I understand that I must remain with my assigned group during all required group activities.
  • I understand that I must be respectful of other youth and adult leaders.
  • I understand that there will be no destructive or unsafe activities during any time of camp.
  • I understand that I must not drive during camp activities.
  • I understand I must wear a seat belt and obey all laws and safety precautions while traveling.
  • I understand that I will not bring my cell phone to young women camp.
  • I understand that I must not bring any other electronic devices.
  • I understand the Lord’s standard for modesty (“For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet) and will dress accordingly.
  • I give permission for my photo or video to be posted to a shared camp photo album or to the Roswell Stake youth Instagram account. Only first names will be used with posted images.
  • Covid Requirements: In order to participate, a person must be symptom-free with no known Covid exposure within the past 10 days. I agree to let my temperature be taken, will answer a covid screening quiz, will follow social distancing protocols, and will wear a mask while at camp. 
  • I understand that I may be sent home from Young Women Camp if I do not obey all the rules.

 I understand that the following is due by Sunday, April 18:

  • YW Responsibility Agreement (paper or online)
  • Registration Form (paper or online)
  • Medical Release Form* (*paper only)
  • Check for $75, made out to my ward – with “YW Camp” in the Other space on a tithing slip.

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