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To the amazing Young Women of the Roswell Stake: We have missed seeing your wonderful, smiling faces and gathering together as a Stake! We are happy to announce that the camp committee and Stake YW Presidency has been working hard to find a way that we can safely hold YW Camp this coming summer. Unfortunately, it won’t be possible to gather as a whole group in our usual North Georgia location. But we are happy to announce that we will be able to hold a hybrid, smaller group camp this year. Each group will rotate through an amazing lineup of daily experiences, and have the chance to experience all the best parts of YW Camp, especially spiritual experiences, outdoor adventure, building new skills, making new friends and most of all–laughing and having fun!!

We are aware of the risks and unknowns due to the Covid pandemic and are making careful plans and precautions to protect each youth and leader’s health and safety while at camp. We will be divided into groups of about 40 girls for our daily activities, and the groups will not mix during the week. We will expect girls to wear masks when together and will plan to serve all meals outside. We feel it is beneficial for them to gather and connect with other YW in the safest way possible so that they can grow in their testimonies and connect with other wonderful YW who share their beliefs. We are happy to have the opportunity to continue in the great tradition of Roswell Stake YW Camp!

Purpose of YW Camp:

“The location of your Young Women camp–whether it is in a forest, in a park, on a beach, or in a meetinghouse–can become beautiful to the eyes of all who gather there. Like Alma and his people, young women need a place where they can gather together, separate from worldly influences, feel the Spirit of the Lord, grow in unity and love, and strengthen their faith and testimonies of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.”  –YW camp manual

Schedule Overview: Each of you will join a group of about 40 YW your age from across the stake. You will be part of an amazing YCL group, with great youth camp leaders to guide you throughout your week. Each group will rotate through three different days of activities and end the week spending the day with their wards.

This is what your week will include:
A day + sleeping overnight at the Hunter Tree Farm
 (in Milton) for archery, outdoor fun and games, learning camping skills and camping overnight in a tent.

A day at the stake center for crafts, service, workshops, games and fun!

A day at home doing virtual activities, classes, an at home craft and games with your YCL group.

A ward day! On Friday, June 11th you will join the YW in your ward for an outdoor adventure, other activities, and a ward testimony meeting.

Leadership Opportunities: One of the greatest parts of YW camp is the opportunity for the older YW to serve as leaders to plan and carry out camp. There are several opportunities to serve, depending on age. 

YCLs (Youth Camp Leader, born in 2005): will be assigned with a partner and an adult leader to lead and watch over a small group of girls. They will participate with them in all of their activities and teach daily devotionals and minister to the girls throughout camp.

YCSs (Youth Camp Specialist, born in 2004 or earlier): will be assigned to one of three camp committees: friendship and leadership, physical health, talent and skill development. They will work for several months before camp on their assigned committees, creating and planning the activities and events for YW camp. At camp, they will serve as the leaders to carry out each of the camp activities.

YCDs: (Youth Camp Director) this year we have three awesome YCDs: Kenna Palmer (Milton Ward), Lydia Christensen (Webb Bridge Ward) and Nathaly Abila (Magnolia Ward). These three girls each oversee one of the camp committees and serve on the stake camp committee.

Other important notes:–Age group is determined by the year you were born, not the number of years you have attended camp. We have 12s, 13s, 14s and 15s, and then YCL and YCS, all depending on the year you were born. 

–All transportation will be provided during camp. Parents will need to drop their daughters off on an assigned morning at the stake center, and pick them back up the next evening from the stake center. Driving to and from the Hunter Tree Farm, and to hikes will be provided by adult camp leaders.

–YW will not be permitted to drive themselves during YW camp. They may drive to the stake center and leave their car until the next evening when they go home, but they may not drive to and from the various activities.

–The stake camp committee is making very careful plans to provide for each girls’ health and safety at camp. We will continue to share more details along those lines as our planning continues.

We love you and we can’t wait to see you this summer at YW Camp!

Stake YW Presidency, Stake Camp Committee

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